The idea of creating a brand that combines passion for off-road sports and good design has been around for a long time. In 2020, we decided that we were going to make it and fire up our project in early 2021! We have been pursuing our crazy sporting ideas for many years, we have ridden DH, enduro, mtb, mountain stages, run long-distance cross-country in the mountains and our lowland hometowns, competed in triathlon competitions, swimrun, hike in the mountains, walrus, and try to spend every free moment with our loved ones in nature. Being close to nature gives us a huge kick, strength, allows us to air our heads and relax our bodies. We like sportsmanship, but we do everything we do in a relaxed way.



Our little brand is made up of two people, actually two families of Martin and Magda. We design all collections for you ourselves, taking inspiration straight from nature, looking for the most interesting and beautiful patterns and colors that will accompany you during sports activities. In addition to design, we deal with contacts with sewing factories, knitwear manufacturers, printers, constructors. We design the website, carry out photo shoots, and at the end of this journey we hand label and pack unique thank you packages for you for your purchases 🙂

We are proud of the small and larger successes of our brand, but we also take the failures, learn from them and continue to move forward in these difficult times for manufacturers.



Our idea was to create a company with a Polish name that would be associated with nature, which is absolutely beautiful and delightful in our country. We also searched among the Latin names of our favorite plants, but believe us, not all of them connoted well, for example, beech. Where did the name Runo come from? Because, in essence, everything starts with him. This forest undergrowth gives life to plants, shelter to animals, reptiles, amphibians and insects, and it is thanks to it that we stay closer to nature. The second part of our brand name, design, is another element we are inspired by. We follow design trends and have been creating graphic and apparel designs for many years, so good design is the foundation of our brand.

The Runo.Design logo reflects our fundamental values in appreciation of nature. It depicts a holistic passion for being in nature, in the woods, mountains or wild meadows. The sigil of the logo contains simple graphic elements of the mountain and spruce, surrounded give a feeling of wholeness and unity with nature, and the lower part of the sigil is our fleece.



From the very beginning, we knew that we wanted to support our home market, acting ethically in accordance with our own convictions regarding production. We produce all collections of sports apparel and accessories in Poland. We look for small, local sewing shops, printers, artisans, excellent in their craft, because we know that we will get unique products, of the best quality. We use the highest quality knitted and woven fabrics from Polish and Italian suppliers. We also strive to meet the expectations of the environment, so we offer eco-friendly products and plant forests in Poland with the Forest Forever Foundation.