Part of the income from each purchase
We allocate to planting forests!

We want to conduct our business responsibly, participating in sustainable development activities. We want steps we take, contributed to the harmonious coexistence of man with the environment, we are looking for the best and pro-environmental solutions for our brand. That’s why we donate a portion of the proceeds from each purchase to planting a forest!

Forests are healthy for people – the sight of them calms, tranquilizes and relieves stress.

Forests are the foundation of biodiversity –
space of countless organisms.

Forests lower the temperature of the air and soil, creating a favorable microclimate.

Forests retain water, which
would run off into the sea or evaporate quickly.

– every purchase at Runo.Design plants forests
– Forests Forever are biodiverse and managed by nature, cannot be cut down
– Are locatedon land that is supposed to be a forest area forever

eachhectare of Forest Forever will absorb 7 tons of CO2 annually.
– An adult, 100-year-old forest accumulates more than 700 t/ha permanently.
– 1 hectare of forest offsets carbon dioxide equivalent to the consumption of 1 MWh of electricity per month under the conditions of the current Polish energy mix – for 100 years.
– We want you to contribute to sustainable development as well
– In keeping with the idea of #LASDWATERS!