We want to conduct our business responsibly, participating in sustainable development activities. We want the steps we take, contribute to the harmonious coexistence of man with the environment, we are looking for the best and pro-environmental solutions for our brand.



Runo.Design offers the highest quality knitted fabrics from Polish and Italian manufacturers. In our store you will find:
– running jerseys made of 100% ultralight recycled materials
– recycled running bands
– recycled cycling caps
– eco bidons made from sugar cane
– products sewn from high-quality knitwear from Polish and Italian manufacturers

We also have the ability to prepare cycling outfits from recycled knitted fabrics for individual customer orders. For recycled production, we use knitted fabrics from a single Italian manufacturer, which 100% meets our expectations and quality standards.

For the production of our garments and accessories, we only use knitted fabrics that are OECO-TEX STARNDARD 100 certified, which guarantees that our products are safe for human health.




We decided to cooperate with the Forest Forever Foundation. When you buy our products, you support the planting of biodiverse and nature-managed forests. They cannot be cut down because they are located on land that is supposed to be a forest area forever.

From September 2022, every order from the Runo.Design online store plants forests!



We want every package you receive to be a unique and beautifully packaged gift without the use of plastic. We pack your clothes collectively in recycled paper and tie it with jute string. We always encourage their reuse, we ourselves use paper from returns and exchanges, sending new orders in it.

We package our shipments in durable, dust-, dirt- and moisture-resistant ECO FOLIOPS, which are recycled. They are manufactured in Poland, environmentally friendly and made from renewable raw materials.

For shipping, we mainly use INPOST parcel services, which is currently the most environmentally friendly form of parcel delivery. We don’t order couriers to pick up packages, but deliver them ourselves by going for a walk or riding a bike or rollerblading.



We produce our clothing and accessories in Poland. We look for small, local sewing shops, printers, artisans, excellent in their craft, because we know that we will get unique products, of the best quality. We don’t take advantage of cheap labor on the other side of the globe by reducing the carbon footprint of transporting our productions. The seamstresses sewing for us have decent pay for their work, breaks, vacations, contracts.



In the spirit of the #zerowaste idea, we do not outsource large productions, we produce goods for which we have current demand in small batches, which we sew on as needed.

We do not throw away grade II products that have been rejected due to errors that occurred during production. Unfortunately, such situations are inevitable during the production process, and we want to give a second life to goods that still have use values and fulfill their original purpose.



We do not throw away prototype prints and leftover materials from production. One of the ways to give them a second life is the cooperation undertaken with the upcycling brand SNOW BROW, which creates goggle covers from our materials. Check it out for yourself:


Our premise is that the RUNO.DESIGN brand continues to strive for sustainable and planet-friendly production. It is nature that inspires us, the surrounding mountains, forests, sea, meadows and lakes, Therefore, concern for the environment in Poland is an extremely important assumption for us in the coming years.